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Registration of calls significantly impacts the responsibility during the decision-taking process, especially in rescue service and business. The possibility of listening to the call once again and to the decisions taken allows more precise analysis of the course of action. Voice recorders offered by TRX Company allow the constant monitoring and recording this kind of calls. Our devices have, depending of a model, 4 up to 128 data registering channels. The data can be registered from digital sources(digital phones, ISDN) and analogue ones(analogue phones, radiophones). If needed, the company can add more channels to the device. Another convenience is the use of the hard drive, which allows to save up to few thousand hours of calls. It is also possible to listen to the registered data without interrupting the ongoing registration process. The user can easily control the recording devices (including the mentioned listening) from any work station in the net thanks to the possibility of them working in the net. 

All devices allow:

Recording telephone and radio calls on hard disc with an accurate time, date and channel info;

In case of ISDN lines, system and analogous lines with DSP, recording the incoming and outgoing connection numbers;

Recording from PRA lines (except KSRC 308);

Recording from digital lines of internal private branch exchanges (Alcatel, Alcatel 4300, Bosh, Coral, DGT, Ericsson, Siemens, Slican, Matra, Nortel (Kapsch), Lucent (AVAYA), Panasonic, Philips and Platan);

Defining record criteria, individually for each channel;

Data coding, and Local operation and via a computer network.

KSRC-308/316                                                          KSRC-332



No of channels 2 to 8 (KSRC-308)
2 to 16 (KSRC-316)
2 to 32 to 128 
(4 tracks 30B+D)
Supply voltage 230V
Power consumption 50 W 50 W 50 W
Input voltage for analog inputs 50 mV - 2V automatics with speech compression
Dimens. (width - height - depth) [mm] 400-115-380 19" 3U 19" 3U
(optional-extension modules)
Record time

depends of HDD (8 KB/s)
minimum 4500h

Display LCD 4x20 LCD 4x20 LCD 4x20
Local operation: 6 buttons + key 6 buttons + key 6 buttons + key
Computer network YES (RJ-45) YES (RJ-45) YES (RJ-45)
Recording archive to wav YES YES YES
Hardware mirror Optional Optional YES

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