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Communications Direct has grown to be one of the largest Motorola two-way radio dealers in the world by providing only the highest quality radios, batteries, and accessories. That quality is backed up with our state-of-the-art service facility. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer,we service and we sell everything.

We sell the complete range of Motorola business two way radio systems, handsets, mobile units and accessories. Unrivalled experience, a rare level of technical expertise and a passion for quality of service combine to ensure our customers achieve their communications goals. 

Motorola are a global communications leader powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advance the way the world connects. Theirs communication solutions allow people, businesses and governments to be more connected and more mobile. 

We offer

     Service two-way radio equipment

SGM5 for Motorola GM340/360/380
GSM Gate
programmer for MOTOROLA two-way radios

CP Professional Series: GP Professional Series: GM Professional Series:
Motorola CP 040
Motorola CP 1X0
Motorola GP 340 
Motorola GP 360 
Motorola GP 380
Motorola GP 640
Motorola GP 680
Motorola GP 1280
Motorola GP 340/380/580/680 EX
Motorola GP 330
Motorola GP 344
Motorola GP 388
Motorola GP 644
Motorola GP 688
Motorola GP 344R/366R/388R

Motorola GM 340 
Motorola GM 360 
Motorola GM 380
Motorola GM 640
Motorola GM 660
Motorola GM 1280


Other Professional Series: CM Professional Series: Accessories:
Motorola TLKR T5
Motorola TLKR T7
Motorola XTNi
Motorola DTR 2430/2450
Motorola CM140
Motorola CM160
Motorola CM340
Motorola CM360
for GP Professional Series:
IMPRES - Smart Energy System

DM Professional Series: 
Motorola DM 3400 
Motorola DM 3401 
Motorola DM 3600
Motorola DM 3601
DP Professional Series: 
Motorola DP 3400
Motorola DP 3401
Motorola DP 3600
Motorola DP 3601
P100 Professional Series: 
Motorola P 165
Motorola P 185

GP & GM Professional Series

Launched in 1999, with nearly 4.5 million GP & GM Professional Series Radios sold, it is now the de facto standard for on-the-move radio communications. All radios offer unrivalled audio quality thanks to our X-pand™ technology. The Professional Series comprises 16 portables, tiered to reflect the differing needs of radio users. 


CP & CM Commercial Series

Benefiting from a 75 year history in the business of communication, Motorola delivers the future of two-way radio with the Commercial Series. Comprising new portable radios for work teams that need to keep in touch wherever they are and four mobile radios for powerful in-vehicle or fixed site communications. 


DP & DM Professional Series

With a versatile portfolio of portable and mobile two-way radios, repeaters and accessories, MOTOTRBO offers a private, standards-based solution that is both cost effective and easily tailored - a complete package for your organisation's unique communication needs. 



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