Two-way Radios






TRX Company operates mainly in the branch of two-way radios connectivity systems as well as in KSRC systems of Digital Voice Recorders. TRX is the authorized dealer and service of MOTOROLA two-way radios. The company offers a wide range of radio-communicative devices, such as stationary or mobile radios, retransmission stations and also CB radios. TRX also provides equipment for radio net construction (aerials, masts, wires, aerial connectors).

TRX Company is concerned with complex organization of radio nets from the project, through the equipment choice, ending on the connection establishment and maintenance. Our company is also producer of SGM5 remote controls for MOTOROLA, KENWOOD and RADMOR radiophones. Our engineers are constantly conducting researches to develop new solutions and simultaneously modernize the offered equipment. .

TRX Company is also concerned with selling and servicing of the products on the territory of Poland.


TRX s.c., Wierzbowa 8, 15-743 Białystok, Poland, phone: +48 85 662 88 11, fax: +48 85 662 88 10, email: